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Pay Per Click and Social Media have an instant impact and give your brand a larger reach, including first-page exposure on major search engines and increased traffic coming from new sources.

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Pay per click (PPC), or “paid search” marketing, is the fastest and most immediate way of getting targeted visitors to your website.


Unlike search engine optimization (SEO), a PPC advertising campaign can send you instant traffic. Sometimes overnight. The campaigns require special attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of the PPC process.

You need leads and sales to grow your business. We understand that you may need this NOW. So, we created a custom platform that allows you get traffic from PPC instantly.


AdWords Campaign Build


Masterful Keyword Research


Landing Page Configuration


Sales Funnel Configuration


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Conversion Tracking

AI Based Campaign Monitoring


Superior Service


Monthly Reporting

Social Media

Social media marketing is an incredible opportunity for brands to directly reach their ideal audience segments with continuous exposure to their products and services. By utilizing social media marketing, certain types of businesses are able to rapidly scale and tremendously increase conversion rates.

We create a social media strategy custom-tailored to meet your specific marketing needs. You will have a dedicated account manager (Elaina) who has built multiple companies from the ground up using Social Media. She really is the Facebook ad guru! 

Social Media advertising most definitely can be done with the right fine-tuning of the targeted ads and marketing elements.

  •  Facebook Campaign Build
  •  Advanced Audience Research
  •  Advanced Demographic Research
  •  Visual Content Creation
  •  Landing Page Creation
  •  Intelligent Optimization
  •  Monthly Reporting

Google Adwords

Many clients have tried Google Analytics on their own or internally as a team and have failed. The reason is because there are a number of analytical procedures that must be mastered to continuously maintain a successful Google AdWords campaign. Our team will utilize our existing knowledge of your brand, create campaign specific landing pages to maximize conversion rates and your AdWords score then build out masterful AdWords campaigns that are preciously honed to reach your target audience. Utilizing various forms of technology, we constantly monitor your Google AdWords campaign to make sure it is operating at peak performance and make frequent adjustments to the ad campaigns, keyword lists, audience segments and landing pages to ensure maximum conversion and click through rates.

  • AdWords Campaign Build
  • Masterful Keyword Research
  • Landing Page Configuration
  • Sales Funnel Configuration
  • Conversion Tracking
  • AI Based Campaign Monitoring
  • Superior Service
  • Monthly Reporting

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